A Message from our Brewmaster/COO/Founder 
Derrick Morse
“Hello all. 
We understand that some folks are concerned by our decision to remain open in these times. We’re a production brewery that paid for our material costs months ago and depends on those costs being covered during our regular business for cashflow. We fully support our distributors and realize that we’re going to have a downturn in orders from them. Our taproom sales will continue to be challenging, but we’re going to depend on the taproom for this small independent business to continue to exist.
This brewery is a community, but for us to remain a community we must support those that have gotten us to where we are at, our employees, so we must remain open. But nothing is more important than our extended family. We have taken extreme precautions with our extended family, our customers to protect them and their families (See our pinned post).
That all being said, we aren’t just a bar. We’re an 84-acre outdoor space. You could grab a beer and then walk the disc golf course, the dog park, or the 3k trail. If we followed CDC’s 3-yard recommendation, we’d be able to put 45k people on the property and stay within the CDC’s recommendation.
If enjoying our outdoor space isn’t on your agenda, we’re going to have pull-through beer specials and growler specials. We understand that people will want to remain vigilant with their self-quarantine but we can still give them a sense of normalcy with our local craft.
None of us have gone through a pandemic and we take this seriously. We also know that when we all climb out of this (we as a company believe in the resilience of the human condition) we’re going to need a space to commune and come together as a community. We hope that you continue to choose us as that place to commune. But without supporting local businesses during this crisis, we’re all going to be left with Olive Garden, Walmart, and Bud Light. Nothing against those companies, but we make amazing beer and believe you deserve that.
We hope that you support us during these times so we can continue to grow and support our community with our philanthropic endeavors as was set by our founders from day one.
Founder/Brewmaster/Considerate Citizen”
– Derrick Morse


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